Making it easier to provide services at Brisbane Markets

Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) is making it easier for Labour Hire businesses and Service Providers to provide workers and services to Tenants at Brisbane Markets.

BML has introduced new, user-friendly registration systems designed to provide:

  • accurate and up-to-date data on these businesses and their employees/temporary workers accessing this site;
  • improved communications with these Labour Hire and Service Providers;
  • a more targeted approach to risk and compliance management; and
  • an annual registration renewal requirement to collect current business contacts, public liability insurances, safety documents and, as relevant, licenses.

The new approach allows BML to manage access, safety and compliance risks associated with external businesses or temporary workers accessing the Brisbane Markets site and reflects current registration and annual renewal processes in place for other Markets users.

In addition, BML will be able to provide Tenants with a list of access-approved Service Providers to assist with Tenant works as needed.

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