Mango King continues to find value in top bid

Mango King 2022 and A better choice! retailer, Sam Etri, continues to reap the benefits of his $20,000 bid at this year’s Mango Auction, with media coverage boosting attendance at the opening of his latest store.

The grand opening of Etri’s third fruit and veg shop, Skippy’s Market Fresh at Rothwell, was promoted on the back of his Mango King win and saw over 1,000 people through the doors each day.

Sam Etri at his new store, Skippy’s Market Fresh, Rothwell.

The 1,000 m² store is the biggest on Brisbane’s northside and employs 30 staff from the Moreton Bay community.

Customers were delighted with the variety and price of the fresh fruit and veg, all sourced from the Brisbane Markets.

The highlight of the store’s opening weekend was a special on fresh, locally grown mangoes as Sam took full advantage of his Brisbane Markets Mango King title for 2022. Close

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