Raising infrastructure to build resilience

Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) is progressing works to raise critical infrastructure above flood heights to build resilience to flood events at Brisbane Markets.

Important services infrastructure continues to be raised above flood height at Brisbane Markets.

A staged program of works is underway to elevate critical electrical infrastructure, including main building boards and sewer pump station control panels, above 9.5m AHD to prevent flood water ingress and damage.

A project to replace Brisbane Markets’ fire detection and alarm system, including Fire Indicator Panels (FIPs) across this site, is also underway with all technical design specifications for a new sitewide system now complete, and tender documents due to be distributed this month.

The new FIPs will all be installed above peak flood levels with mimic panels installed for monitoring by BML and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.

The mimic panels are removable in the event of a flood and are readily replaceable if damaged. However, the main dry fire system will be protected from any future flood event, which will prevent any outage of detection and alarm services.

New access stairs and an elevated platform at Building I were installed in February, elevating the building’s main distribution board above flood level.

Similar works are almost complete at Building Z, with further states of this flood mitigation project being progressed at buildings with power supply sourced from a main building board over the next 18 months. This complements BML’s earlier flood mitigation projects to raise all main switchboards following the 2011 flood event.

A feasibility assessment on raising the Curzon Street roadway and bridge to 7 m AHD is nearing completion, with the application seeking Brisbane City Council approval for this project being developed for lodgement.

This important project will achieve a later exit from the Markets and earlier return following a flood event, noting that currently Curzon Street floods at 5.456 m AHD at its lowest point.

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