Restoration of site services continues

Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) staff members and Service Providers have worked around the clock to achieve the timely restoration of services across the Brisbane Markets site following the flood.

Works to get the site up and operational, which took weeks and months back in 2011, was completed in a matter of days and weeks, with the majority of reinstatement work already complete.

Recovery works progressed quickly to reinstate the site to normal operations following the flood event.

Site Access Controls

All Brisbane Markets enty boomgates, pedestrian access points, licence plate recognition and parking payment stations in CP1 and CP2 have now been reinstated. One CP1 parking pay station is currently out of order due to a faulty credit card reader and one intercom at the Western Entry boomgates is awaiting replacement.


By the end of March, power supply was reconnected to all buildings on this site and all industrial tenancies have been re-energised. There are a number of distribution boards in Buildings G and G1 that have not been re-energised due to ongoing flood remediation works.

Work will continue to restore the power to the remaining Commercial Precinct tenancies and replace circuit breakers in main building and distribution boards.

Community power has been restored across the majority of the site, with work continuing on isolated issues.

Communications Networks

Phone and internet services have been restored to all tenancies that have power connected, with the exception of Buildings B1 and L1, where work is ongoing.

Sewer Network

All pump stations are now working and refurbished pumps will be progressively replaced with new equipment.

LPG Facility

All three dispensers at the LPG Facility have been reinstated and are in use via manual dispensing. These are expecting to be fully restored by the end of the week.

Manual refueling continues to be available on the following schedule:

  • Mornings: Monday to Friday, 4.30-6am and 10-11am
  • Evenings:  Sunday to Thursday, 10-11.30pm

Dock Levellers

As part of the flood recovery process, power packs were removed from all dock levellers on site and these were refurbished or replaced.

All power packs have now been replaced and all dock levellers have been reinstated, except for one at Building Q, which requires the installation of a new control board.

Over the coming months, BML will replace refurbished power packs with new ones.

Pest Management

Bait stations have been replaced across the site, with a small number of flood affected bait stations still to be removed from site.

It is expected that the flood may result in the increased presence of vermin over the coming months.

BML is also looking at working with Tenants to establish minimum standards for pest control treatment inside leasehold premises to ensure that an integrated site-wide approach to rodent control is in place.

Fire Systems

BML’s fire systems Service Provider, Advance Fire has assessed pump stations, fire sprinkler and hydrant mains across site.

The site’s thermal detector network was unaffected by the floods and fire hose reels are in working order.

All manual call points and fire indicator panels which were flood affected have been replaced and are operational.

Fire extinguishers inside affected tenancies have also been replaced.


Lifts in the Fresh Centre, CP1, and Buildings G and K1 have been restored.

New PWD lifts are on order for Buildings C1, E1, and M1, and it could take some months before these are operational.

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