Road improvements offer a smoother ride

Major asphalt resurfacing works have been completed across the Northern Industrial Precinct and there is more to come.

During early August, the road between Buildings J, K, M and Q was resurfaced, followed by the road running north to south beside Building Z, and the high traffic intersection between Buildings I, L1 and Q.

Profiling of the road between Buildings J and M during August 2023.

These asphalt works employed a new process of installing Ha Telit C, a flexible mesh product made from high-modulus polyester yarns, which reinforces asphalt layers to deliver a long-lasting and durable road surface.

The product resists permanent dynamic loads very well, which is due to the special properties of polyester, providing a cost-effective solution for a surface which will better stand up to high traffic and heavy vehicles.

The refreshed line marking has been completed in accordance with Brisbane Markets Limited’s Traffic Management Plan to improve safety for vehicles and pedestrians in these areas.

Brisbane Markets Limited continues to invest in the road network on site to create the best possible road surfaces to keep road users safe and maintain the quality of produce being transported on site.

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