Rodent Control Policy seeks to tackle infestation

As the temperature drops, rodents search for warmer harbourage for nesting, which tends to lead them indoors, including warehouses.

Implementing effective rodent and waste controls at the Brisbane Markets, including Common Areas and inside Tenancy Areas, is critical in minimising rodent activity.

Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) is proposing the introduction of a site-wide and integrated approach to rodent controls and has received strong support from Brismark to establish clear minimum standards to apply under pest and waste management service contracts between Tenants and their Service Providers as detailed in BML’s new Rodent Control Policy.

BML is now seeking the support and cooperation of all Tenants, and pest control businesses servicing the Brisbane Markets, for the implementation of the standards described in the Policy.

Surveys have been distributed to Tenants and Service Providers to obtain feedback, and to ask if Tenants and Service Providers are willing to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to confirm their commitment to implementing the minimum standards for rodent controls.

The Policy requirements are reasonable and aim at establishing foundation controls including:

  • the installation and placement of rodent bait stations inside Tenancy Areas in accordance with manufacturer’s standards and the recommendations of licensed pest management Service Providers;
  • a once every two month servicing frequency of Tenants’ rodent bait stations (lethal or non-lethal depending on the Tenants’ business and Quality Assurance requirements);
  • the prompt removal of all waste generated by Tenants’ businesses on a frequency basis which ensures bins are not overloaded and produce is not decomposing and/or leaking onto BML’s Common Areas or into the stormwater system; and
  • housekeeping practices including keeping tenancy areas clean and inspecting produce for contamination/rodent activity.

These minimum standards focus solely on rodent controls and will not replace additional control measures which Tenants may have in place to manage other pests, for example insects and birds. The minimum standards are intended to support measures which Tenants may already have in place as part of any quality assurance or food safety programs.

Anyone seeking additional information can contact BML on (07) 3915 4200.

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