Take two for the team!

It’s no secret that Queensland has had to contend with some adverse weather events over the last couple of years which have impacted many parts of the state.

A pineapple being grown in the Glass House Mountains, Sunshine Coast (Image: Favco).

Most recently, the major pineapple growing regions of Queensland have been affected by abnormal weather events. The unseasonably wet weather has stressed many pineapple crops, causing them to flower and ripen earlier than anticipated, creating an abundance of sweet, ripe fruit at your local A better choice! fruit and veg shop.

Though smaller in size, don’t be fooled as these Pineapples are packed with vitamin C, are high in antioxidants and fibre, and can be used in savoury and sweet dishes. You won’t want to waste a bit!

Matt Spencer from Carter and Spencer, Pineapple Wholesaler and Grower, says that they are smaller than normal, but packed with flavour because they have a higher sweet and lower acid content.

“They are perfect to eat now. No need to peel them, just segment and eat,” says Matt.

“If you see a smaller pineapple, buy it! You are still getting nearly a kilo of fruit, despite its size so it is excellent value for money. So good that you should take two.”

Pineapples are slow growing and take between 18 months and up to nearly two years to grow to full size. However, wetter than expected weather has resulted in an early yield of about 50% of the whole season’s supply in a two-month period. Pineapple Growers from North of Brisbane to North Queensland will be sending their supply to the Brisbane Markets® for the next four to six weeks and may not produce another harvest for a year, making it very important for consumer to get behind the Growers and pick two for the team.

Matt says, one of the common misconceptions when choosing a ripe Pineapple, is to look for a yellow-coloured fruit but colour is irrelevant.

“Pick a pineapple that is heavy for its size, you’ll have a greater juice content,” he said.

Scenic Rim Farmers Market and A better choice! retailer Gemma Holden says they are a little smaller in size this year, but they certainly make up for it in flavour.

“They are very sweet and tasty, and we have a steady supply coming into store from the Brisbane Markets that are fresh and of good quality,” said Gemma.

All parts of the Pineapple are edible, except the skin, which can be boiled with a cinnamon stick and a squeeze of lemon, then chilled and enjoyed as a healthy anti-inflammatory cold tea.
“They are also great for BBQs, drinks and deserts.”

Pineapples are usually available all year round but right now, the smaller sizes are exceptional value and quality. Visit your local A better choice! fruit and veg shop and take two Pineapples home with you this week.

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