Tips to secure your assets this Christmas

The festive season is the busiest time of year at Brisbane Markets, and Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) is calling upon all Tenants to diligently consider and address the potential risks associated with unauthorised access into tenancies during the Christmas period.

Ensuring the safety of your tenancies, forklifts, vehicles and stock should be each Tenant’s priority. Implementing robust security measures to thwart opportunistic thieves is time well spent.

Secure tenancies: Always lock up tenancies when not in use, including the closure of roller doors.

Protect stock and forklifts: Keep stock and forklifts securely stored inside tenancies.

Avoid leaving stock unattended: Refrain from leaving stock unattended, especially in common or low-light areas.

Lock doors: It sounds simple, and it is. Use the locks on vehicle, tenancy and cold room doors (if installed) to deter thieves. Store keys in a secure location.

Prompt reporting of theft: Report any incidents of theft promptly to Queensland Police Service (QPS).

Limited access after hours: Restrict access to tenancies after hours, allowing entry to authorised personnel only.

Employee review: Keep BML’s Site Service Centre up-to-date with any changes to an employee’s status so their site access can be updated accordingly.

BML does conduct regular security patrols of this site, but it is crucial to acknowledge that the ability of Market Officers to detect and identify produce theft may be limited due to arrangements made by tenants and other Market users to collect goods when Tenants are off site.

BML strongly recommends that Tenants who make arrangements with clients to collect after hours enter into a formal arrangement to protect all parties from unwarranted attention.

Stay vigilant, stay secure, and have a safe and happy Christmas.

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