Trial paves way for easier access to Brisbane Markets

Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) is trialling new technology to allow for more convenient and easy access to the access-controlled Northern Industrial Precinct of the Brisbane Markets site.

BML is trialling new technology to allow Bluetooth access to the Brisbane Markets.

The proposed new ‘Virtual Access Card’ utilises Bluetooth technology via a smartphone app to allow inducted Markets users access to pedestrian and vehicle entry points.

The roll out of this initiative began in February, with Labour Hire workers trialling the new system before it is considered for wider use by other Markets users.

The new system prompts all new access-approved Labour Hire workers to download an app that allows them to use their smartphone to access the pedestrian turnstiles and gates at the Brisbane Markets in lieu of a physical Access Card.

This new process allows BML to improve access control at Brisbane Markets by easily removing access for Labour Hire workers who no longer work on this site, and ensuring access is only granted to inducted, authorised persons.

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