Financial Results

Financial performance for half year ended 31 December 2018

The Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) Board has signed off on the financial results for the half-year ended 31 December 2018, which have been reviewed by the company’s auditors, BDO.
The statutory reported net profit of the group after income tax for the half-year ended 31 December 2018 was $1.99 million.

The group achieved an operating profit before tax (excluding the valuation adjustment and Perth Markets Limited contribution) for the half-year of $6.99 million, which represents growth of 1% over last year. The Board is pleased with this result which reflects a further period of development of the site. The highlights for the reporting period include:

  • the company finalised the allocation of shares following the heavily oversubscribed capital raising, securing $38.4 million;
  • capital expenditure and other site works for the period including progressing the construction of the new Montague Warehouse (Building C1), commencement of Stage 3 of the solar installation, roof replacement and major asphalt works;
  • BML’s ongoing focus on maintenance of the site, and the upgrading of existing infrastructure as appropriate;
  • a valuation of the Brisbane Markets Property at $319.6 million;
  • a profit contribution from Perth Markets Limited of $3.26 million (before tax) including the impact of its independent property valuation at 31 December 2018;
  • BML group total assets have increased by 7.1% since June 2018 to $387.7 million;
  • BML group net assets have increased by 22.5% since June 2018 to $190.5 million, including the proceeds from the capital raising; and 
  • BML net assets per share is $3.50 per share at 31 December 2018.

Please see the Report to Shareholders for a more detailed overview of the half year results.


The Board of Directors is also pleased to advise shareholders that the Group’s operating result remains strong and on this basis, the Board has declared an interim dividend for the half-year of 8.0 cents per fully paid and 4.0 cents per partly paid share, fully franked. This dividend is a reflection of the sound underlying performance of the business for the period.

The dividend will be paid on Wednesday, 27 March 2019 to shareholders on the share register of the company at 5pm on Tuesday, 12 March 2019.

BML publishes a Share Transaction Sales History report on its website on a monthly basis. In the six-month period from 1 July 2018 to 31 December 2018 there have been 18 share transactions of fully paid shares with the share trading price in the range of $3.20 to $3.50 per share, and two share transactions of partly paid shares at $1.60 per partly paid share. For further information, please refer to our website

Any shareholder wishing to sell shares can do so by private treaty where they have identified a buyer, or you may advise BML who will circulate your details to parties who have registered their contact details with BML as being interested in acquiring shares, and they will contact you directly.

To register your interest in selling or buying shares, send an email to


The second instalment of $1.60 per partly paid share is due to be paid by the holders of partly paid shares on or before 15 April 2019. We will write to these shareholders closer to this date, to provide you with instructions on how to make the payment of the final instalment. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us on (07) 3915 4200.


BML will provide ongoing updates to shareholders in relation to any significant matters that may occur. BML will continue to make all shareholder announcements available on its website. In addition, BML will also continue to email shareholders where an email address has been supplied, or mail the relevant information to shareholders where we do not hold an email address.


To view the full Financial Report for the half-year ended 31 December 2018, please download it here. 

Andrew Young
Chief Executive Officer

Note:  Under the Accounting Standards, BML is required to conduct both an annual and half-yearly review of the value of the investment property with increases/decreases being taken up directly through the Statement of Comprehensive Statement.

There is no depreciation expense on investment property.


For more information on your investment in Brisbane Markets Limited, please call our Corporate Department on (07) 3915 4200 or email via the button below.